Friday, November 7, 2008

Tokyo Day 3

10/31 10:58AM Asakusa

A tourist office with nothing in English except for the tourist office sign out front. And a very nice woman who explained to me why the local kindergartners were having a parade wearing very nice Japanese dress. It had to do with looking forward to a good year, a healthy year.

The tourist office has a very elaborate clock on the front of the building. It played a song at 11AM. it probably happens every hour.

Meeting up with Patty at 11AM

12:43PM Asakusa

Just getting on the Ginza line subway train.

There is a department store in Asakusa. The name starts with an "N" ... Asakusa, but I forget the name. In the basement is food, A Lot of food. No english descriptions, but they have everything, tempura, yakitori, sushi rolls, and on and on. Try it out if you are hungry and a little adventurous.

We just departed at 12:47PM. Asakusa is the end/beginning of the line so that is why we were waiting on the subway car.

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