Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Butler Got It

The Independent has a story about a butler in New York who has just inherited one of the best apartments in the city, from his longtime employer, the actress Ruth Ford.
  • The Dakota, like most pre-war residences in Manhattan, is a co-operative building where residents own shares, not bricks. A co-op building has a co-op board that sets the rules; in the case of the Dakota it is going to be conservative and pernickety. Is it about to allow a former butler actually to occupy either one of the apartments in the building he has come to control?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wall Street Investigation Continues, No Answers Yet

The New York Times updates us with what the government is investigating regarding Wall Street and what may have happened on Thursday May 6th.
  • “That trader entered the market at around 2:32 and finished trading by around 2:51,” Mr. Gensler said in his testimony. “The trader had a short futures position that represented on average 9 percent of the volume traded during that period.”

The Kissing of Hands

Britain has a new Prime Minister, its youngest in 200 years.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fat Isn't Evil

The Independent has a story covering a study of studies that implies that fat isn't so bad after all. It is added sugar and refined carbs that may be the evil in our foods.
  • “Foods like cornflakes, white bread, French fries and sweetened soda all put undue stress on the endothelium, which explains for the first time why high glycaemic carbs can affect the progression of heart disease,” says Dr Shecter. His study was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology last year.

Faster and Louder Music Makes You Eat and Drink More has this story, "How restaurants get you drunk." I had no idea, but this explains why more restaurants seem louder.
  • In the mid-1980s, researchers at Fairfield University demonstrated that people increased their rate of chewing by almost a third when listening to faster, louder music, accelerating from 3.83 bites a minute to 4.4 bites a minute.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nick Clegg and the upcoming British Election

The Independent has a story about Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democratic party, writing about where Clegg came from politically and what chances the Lib Dems have in pulling off something historic.
  • "Between mouthfuls, Clegg is patiently explaining to me that the Liberal Democrats' extraordinary opinion poll surge, by now extended for two weeks, is not some "inexplicable flash in the pan" and that "something was brewing" for some time."

A bit 'inside baseball' but worth a read.

Frank Rich in the NY Times on Arizona

Frank Rich, Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, writing about the new Arizona illegal immigrant law.
  • "DON’T blame it all on Arizona. The Grand Canyon State simply happened to be in the right place at the right time to tilt over to the dark side. Its hysteria is but another symptom of a political virus that can’t be quarantined and whose cure is as yet unknown."

New Resorts in Singapore are Busy

Both Integrated Resorts (IRs) in Singapore are now (mostly) both open and are getting good business. ChannelNewsAsia has two stories this weekend about increased traffic on the SMRT and how the IRs will boost the Singapore economy.