Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Doctor's Appointment

11/20 At Home 7:23AM

Waiting to go to a doctor's appointment. I haven't been to a doctor in years. I hope he unplugs my ear. (The backstory is that I got back from a trip on 11/8 and my right ear began to throb the night of 11/9. By the next night the ear was plugged similar to the feeling on a plane, especially on landing, when one or both ears become plugged. Eventually my throat also became soar. Headaches, some sneezing, maybe a small fever all plagued me on and off within days. I took strong cold medicine, and even got someone to work for me for one day so I could sleep all day. I didn't seem to be getting better. Luckily I got this appointment on 11/20. The next available day was early December.)

I'll leave at 8AM. 7:55 if I am really bored. I haven't taken any medicine or vitamins in 24 hours. I haven't eaten in 12 hours. I hope that was the correct thing to do in case tests are needed.

I just read the first chapter of A Murder Of Quality by John Le Carre. I wonder, if you didn't know who the author is, if you could tell when reading a book if the author is American or British? The British seem to write in a different style, often with words not often used by American authors, or words within a sentence structured different ways. But I always know it is them doing the writing so I am biased in my judging.

7:52AM I'm leaving.

8:10AM Arrived in the doctor's office.

They will check people in starting at 8:15AM. Mustn't deviate from policy. (My words, not there's.)

In theory this really shouldn't take long. My appointment is at 8:30AM. I tell a doctor or nurse what is wrong with me. It seems obvious to them but they decide to take blood to do tests just in case, or no tests are needed. They give me something to unplug my ear. And I go on my way. 30 minutes tops!

If I get home before 10AM I can wash my car.

Breakfast and vitamins would be a good idea.

I should ask when I can start exercising again.

8:20AM Paid $30 and all checked in. I gave her $40 and got two $5 bills back. I wonder what ailment the person or people had that last held on to those bills.

There is an older man (full white hair, glasses), red shirt, and vest, shorts, serious walking sandals, and a book.

A woman in brown and slightly balding.

A woman all in white. Probably a nun (can't assume these things in L.A. though).

A woman in a casual track outfit who pulled out a pda or phone/pda that makes very musical noises while she inputs things. Annoying!! A good way to drive sick and irritable people right over the edge.

8:34AM A nurse has already brought me into a room, done the normal blood pressure, etc... and inputted it all straight into a computer. Brilliant. I haven't been to a doctor in a long time, and it seems they are starting to use technology for all the input work (finally).

8:53AM Already done with the doctor and waiting for the pharmacy to open. The verdict is, I have an ear infection. The doctor was nice (Dr. Pan), explained everything, didn't rush me, and said I should be better in about 5 days (that is how long the drugs are for).

I don't have the best of ears. He could see the obvious scar tissue from when I was a kid.

I was given a visit summary that lists my vitals and the prescriptions I will be taking.

I forgot to ask when I can exercise again, but I'm guessing I shouldn't until my ear is better.

I'll be taking 2 pills. The first, a strong anti-biotic once a day (twice the first day). The second, a strong decongestant twice a day.

9:02AM Still waiting for the pharmacy to open... Open now.

It will be about 20 minutes. He didn't say how much it will cost.

9:09AM I was suppose to work Wed., today, and next Monday, but was canceled last Monday. Probably a good thing considering this ear infection. I doubt I would have made a doctor's appointment if I expected to work yesterday and today. Maybe on Tuesday I would have been smart and made an appointment for Friday, but I doubt it. Plus, when I made the appointment for today the next appointment option I had was a day in early December. Overall, this probably worked out for the best for my health, just not my pocketbook.

9:15AM The nun from the doctor's office has now entered the pharmacy. I guess she might not be a nun, just someone who prefers the wardrobe. Not into variety and accessories.

9:19AM Only $20 total for the 2 prescriptions. $50 total for the doctor's appointment (plus the monthly health insurance fee).


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