Friday, November 7, 2008

Tokyo Bus to Narita (Tokyo Day 3 continued)

2:45PM Sitting on the Narita Limousine Bus

It took almost an hour to get from Akasuka to the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. 45 minutes on 2 subways and 15 minutes of walking from the Shinjuku station to the hotel. I synced up the iPod for new content, packed, and then had some time to go to the club lounge for a small drink (the size was my choice).

I must say, finding the free member sign-up section on the Keio Plaza Hotel web site was extremely valuable. By signing up to be a member (for free) I was given the privilege to check out (really late) at 2:30PM (they said I could have had the room until 3PM if I wanted, but no need on this day). I was given a free breakfast each morning. And I was given free entrance to the club lounge. In the lounge was wine, beer, soda, tea, coffee, espresso, and some very nice snacks. A little glass of wine was really helpful.

2:53PM Leaving slightly late (3 minutes). So un-Japanese

I'm looking forward to this ride. I'm hoping it gives me another view of Tokyo that I have not seen.


Driving on the left is a hoot. I've only experienced a little of it, and always in a passenger seat.

It looks like we might be picking up people at the Shinjuku station. Yes we are. I see a ticket window on the outside of a building. It looks to be a full bus.

Friendly Airport Limousine is the name of the bus company.

Or not full. Still no one to my right.

Announcement, "Passengers are reminded that portable telephones are not to be used on the bus as they annoy the neighbors." That was the last english announcement as we start the journey to Narita.

3:11PM On an elevated freeway

We just passed a small cemetery (down below). Many tightly spaced head stones. I'd guess they don't bury people here, just do cremations. Those very nice looking headstones... more like monuments, were far too close together to have people buried underneath them.


Patches of green along the way. East Coast kind of green. Large dense trees. A pond. Someone is actually trying to fish down there in a small boat. And another one. Amazingly, they are young people, not 80 years old.


A lot of apartment buildings in this area, wherever we are. Nice looking. Clothes hanging on some balconies. The occasional small satellite dish (directv size). We've passed at least 2 canals or rivers with barges on them. Small ones with a tugboat pulling one barge. The occasional park.


I think Tokyo Disney/Disney Resort is on the right.

There was a ferris wheel, which I didn't think anything of, but then I saw what looked like the top of Space Mountain. Close by, a very Disney Resort looking hotel and finally a sign saying Disney Resort.

Lexus LX330 (etc) are called Toyota Harrier here.

3:45PM Race track on the left

Taxi drivers wear suits here (at least in Tokyo). They drive a special Toyota, the Deluxe Corolla Comfort.

3:58PM Getting a little foggy


We have been out of 'city' for at least 15 minutes. It reminds me of the freeway between Providence and Boston. Green woods on both sides of the freeway. High banks.

4:09PM Occasional small patches of farmland. Very green.

4:11PM I just saw a 747 going in to land, we must be close.

Road work on the left. There is a fake workman (something wooden) in blue uniform with it's arms waving to indicate to stay right and people at work. Brilliant!

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