Friday, November 21, 2008

Singapore to Narita To LAX Flight

11/8 9:33AM On The Plane


I'm in 63K, the back of the bus! But it looks to be a score! There are only 2 seats in these last few rows instead of 3, and my window seat has room between the seat and the window. I won't be able to lean against the window when sleeping but I will be able to better stretch out my legs (at least the right leg).


On a 747-400 again. These planes take a long time to fill up (with people). Waiting for everyone to get settled.

The handing out of the hot towels has commenced!

6 hours 10 minutes should be the flight time to Tokyo.


A glance out the window and it seems some bad weather might be moving in.

9:57AM Pushback

Row 61 is where the good rows start ... 61K, 62K, etc..

10:10AM In the cue for takeoff

Over the last 2 weeks anytime someone has coughed or sneezed I have been paranoid about getting sick. I even considered not using the subway/bus my last week of work before the trip. I seem to have made it. It wouldn't surprise me if I get sick once I get home. It will be a Saturday. That Monday I will be working 8 days in a row, a day off, and then 2 more days of work. When I get home I should get as much fruits and veggies in me before Monday and work.

10:14AM We are next for takeoff

Nice takeoff. All of the 10's of ships waiting to get into port are below us. Tokyo here we come.

10:22AM (11:22AM Tokyo)

Many tall, impressive clouds near and below us.

10:26AM 5300KM to Tokyo

10:50AM 909 km/h; 9800m altitude; 25km/h head wind

10:55AM turbulance


What do I think of Robertson Quay Hotel? The price, $130 SGD a night, was good. The room was cramped. The bed was uncomfortable. The shower was too small. The pool seemed nice, and is away from the construction in the area. Did I mention the noisy construction? A hotel is being constructed next to the Robertson Quay Hotel, which adds a lot of noise to the room. The front desk staff was very nice and helpful. The walk to the Clark Quay MRT was a little long for my taste. If Novotel is similar in price and the distance to an MRT station is important then choose Novotel over Robertson. Many places to eat in the Robertson area as well as the walk to Riverside Point and Clark Quay. Just next door to Robertson is a nice lookign small restaurant. They had a set dinner for $40 SGD, which includes a glass of wine. If you want a glass of wine with dinner at a restaurant with a western menu then this is a fine price.


The menu for the flight has been handed out. It includes the Tokyo-LAX leg of the flight which would mean we will not be changing planes in Narita.


Flying over the Philippines. We are to the west of Manila.

2:16PM (3:16PM Tokyo)

2 hours to Tokyo

3:46PM (Now on Tokyo time)

4:16PM 1 hour to Tokyo 1026 km/h ground speed; 11300m altitude; 114 km/h tail wind

4:44PM It's getting darker outside

4:53PM (11:53PM last night LA Time)

Sunset if happening fast

5PM Almost completely dark (midnight in LA)

5:05PM The iPod is put away. SSE of Tokyo, over water. 13 minutes to go.

We all have to get off the plane and then reboard; I think it is the same plane though since they didn't collect headphones for passengers continueing on to LA.

Lights in the distance

5:20PM Crossing the coastline

Nice landing

5:30PM Waiting for a plane to clear our path to the gate.

If I am lucky and everything stays on time I might be HOME HOME in 13 hours .... maybe 1:30PM (it is 12:36AM there now)


Back on board the plane. Many of the same faces, a few new ones. People getting settled in. One very upset little kid, who got so upset the hiccups have taken hold. Crying and the hiccups, bad times. But far enough away from me that it shouldn't effect me too much.


The hot towels were just passed around. I love Asian airlines, and the hot towels (for the face) before the flight is high on the list.

6:50PM (1:50AM in LA)

The flight info says it should be a 10 hour flight. If that is the case, I don't think I will be home by 1:30PM.

The pilot just said the flight time should be 8 hours 25 minutes. 1:30PM is back in play.

8765 km to LA

7:02PM (2:02AM in LA) Pushback

7:09PM 1 tylenol PM taken

Next time I go to Japan maybe I should try flying into another city, like Osaka, and then after a few days, take a train north to Tokyo.

And I must learn some Japanese.

7:20PM Almost to the front of the line for takeoff

7:24PM While waiting for our takeoff .... Such an amazing sight, watching a 747 gain speed and takeoff

7:27PM We are next

7:29PM Takeoff

It looks like there are 8 planes waiting behind us to takeoff.

9PM (Tokyo time)

Switching to LA time

11/8 4AM (LA time)

We still haven't eaten, except for the special meals people. I wish we had eaten by now so I could sleep.


I just woke up. Breakfast time (I think). I think I took the tylenol PM 7 hours ago so I will probably be feeling it for at least another hour.

10:28AM Over the California Coast. 30 minutes to landing.


heading inland to eventually turn around and land heading west.


Flying just to the north of LAX as we head inland. beautiful, sunny day in LA.

10:54AM Making the turn back towards LAX. Downtown LA now outside my window.

11AM Nice landing

Incredibly clear day. I could see the Getty Center in the distance. 8 1/2 hour flight!!

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