Friday, November 7, 2008

Narita to Singapore Flight 10/31 (Tokyo Day 3 continued)

6:41PM 10/31

On board Singapore Airlines going from Tokyo to Singapore. Somewhere around an 8 hour flight.

This is a 747-400 with personal video screen in the seat and the extra bonus of a foot rest (in coach). Plus, Singapore Airlines flight attendants, ahhh. My first time on Singapore Airlines and I am looking forward to it.

I just wish it was in business!!!

Packed flight, better amenities, but someone is sitting in the middle seat next to me, bummer. Even though she is cute... probably her boyfriend in the aisle seat.)


My math was bad. It was just announced that the flight is 6 hours 25 minutes long. Considering that Singapore is 1 hour earlier than Tokyo, I have no idea how I was off by so much time.


Is it better to be on a full flight with more amenities, or a flight with room? These things I ponder.

6:57PM Pushback


Waiting for something. We've moved away from the gate and out terminal but are sitting at the end of another terminal.

Now moving

Stopped again. We didn't move very far.

An announcement, many planes in front of us and many waiting to land.

7:29PM Not in the air yet.

The front of the KrisWorld (AV Guide) InFlight Entertainment Magazine claims:

80 movies
106 TV Programmes
180 CDs
12 Radio Channels
55 Interactive games

That is impressive. I'll have more than 6 hours to find out if it is true.


It took about 25 minutes from pushback to takeoff. That's not too bad.

We turned out over the ocean about 4 minutes ago.

8:07PM (9:07PM Tokyo) (Now on Singapore time)

Waiting on food.

They handed out menus more than 30 minutes ago. I think I will have the International Selection.
appetiser Beef pastrami with creamy potato salad
main course Italian style fish "puttanesca" served with vegetables, saffron fettucine and parmesan cheese
cheese and crackers
american apple pie
roll and butter


Dinnertime, finally. And some free wine. EVA Air does the free wine thing as well. The free wine is just at dinner.

12:51Am (1:51AM Tokyo)

On final approach for landing. Pressure to the ears is pretty bad.

12:59AM Landing

1:05AM At The Gate

Lightning in the clouds way out to sea. Ears haven't popped.

2:02AM In The Hotel Room

I mixed up Thai money with Singapore money. Not good. The taxi driver noticed (the nice taxi driver). Good thing he didn't think I was trying to cheat him.

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