Wednesday, January 3, 2007

What is up with Europeans?

Europeans seem to have trouble trusting technology a little too much. (And yes England, I include you .... wake up, you are part of Europe!) You would think that since Europeans get enormous amounts of vacation time they would be able to pay attention to the world around them the rest of the time.

Apparently not. Some point soon we may have to take GPS devices away from them. If you live in the village of Crackpot or Luckington you already know that some people trust their navigation devices a little too much.

This brilliant duo went 200 miles out of their way and blamed it on the GPS. This is so far fetched that I think they just wanted to go on a long drive and knew that their patient (did I forget to mention that this is about an ambulance crew?) wasn't in a hurry.

All of you Europeans not reading this blog are wondering why I included the rest of Europe when all I have mentioned so far are instances in England. A German set the standard for GPS problems (yes Germany, you were first). (Thank goodness for the BBC to have an archive going back to 1998. No way a U.S. company would be that forward thinking.)

This last mention isn't GPS related, but it is technology and geography related. Here in the U.S. we are known for having geography problems. (In short ... we don't know where we are and we don't know where you are, which is probably a good thing because we might attack you if we did.) Germans are suppose to know geography, but apparently one German man hasn't learned that you have to double check things you do on the internet every step of the way. At least he gets to say that he has seen Oregon now ... and Montana. Unfortunately he wanted to go to Australia (check those plane tickets before boarding.)

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