Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Michael Vick would be a perfect Raider

I don't know if Michael Vick was the victim of a really overzealous TSA employee or just got really lucky. For now, he is out of trouble. Obviously he didn't know that you can't take bottled water onto a plane anymore (in the U.S.). Maybe he was sold something that he thought was marijuana but really wasn't. Maybe the TSA person never went to college and therefore doesn't know what marijuana smells like. SO many unanswered questions.

All this tells me is that Michael Vick would be the perfect Oakland Raider. Before games he and Randy Moss could swap their favorite hand rolled ingredients. He could bring great "chemistry" to the quarterback/wide receiver relationship.

The Raiders have the first pick in the draft and Al Davis drools over strong armed quarterbacks (Actually, he probably can't stop drooling considering his age. It's like he has aged in dog years.) By now Atlanta must be thinking about the best way to part company with their enigmatic QB. This trade needs to happen.

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