Thursday, December 28, 2006

An idea for Steve Jobs and Apple at Macworld 2007

If there is going to be some sort of Apple phone then this is how I hope it gets introduced:

During Steve Jobs' keynote (let's hope he is still the keynote and the options scandal doesn't overwhelm Apple), early on he needs to emphasize, to the point of overemphasis, that everyone should turn off or put on silent all of their cell phones (I have never been to the Moscone Center so I am assuming that people can get cell reception in the building.) Once he gets in the keynote and is wrapping up a demonstration of something fairly unimportant, like the new features in iLife, a cell phone should go off. Of course he will be upset and ask who's phone is ringing. After another ring he realizes it is his phone. He pulls it out, answers the call, and says to the caller, "Yes, I was just getting to it. Don't worry I didn't forget. Yes Woz, I'm going to announce Apple's new phone right now." He then hangs up, the crowd applauds, and Mr. Jobs goes into the details of the phone.

If they announce it.

But I don't know anything.

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