Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day 3 of the blog (aka what the heck do I write about now)

This is day 3 of blogging for me, I have a cold, and I drove to and from Palm Springs yesterday to go to a party (familial obligations). Close to 6 hours in the car. I'm an idiot. I drove back from San Francisco on the day after Christmas and I drove to Palm Springs on Friday afternoon of the long New Year's weekend. Two of the worst driving days of the year.

I really want to post something "real" everyday, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen today. Time to do the lazy thing and pull out a journal entry from a short trip I made to Boston in 2004. I hope all of you that aren't reading this blog enjoy it. (It is written as if I am writing to a friend far away, which in a way I was. It was much easier to write in this style.) I'm going to give the Boston Trip it's own title so it is easier to find.

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