Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wall-E Fans Will Love This Andrew Stanton Q&A

If you are a fan of Wall-E you will love this long form audio Q&A with Director and Co-Writer Andrew Stanton. Jeff Goldsmith of Creative Writing Magazine interviewed Mr. Stanton after a screening of the movie sponsored by the magazine. It is a long form interview covering Pixar movies that Stanton has contributed to leading up to Wall-E (Toy Story, Bug's Life, etc.) and the changes involved in the creation of Wall-E. A great listen.

Once you get to this page click on the link that says "Download my podcast here" to open a new window which will play the Q&A or right click on that link and you can download to your computer for later listening at your leisure.

You can find a long list of interviews on this page that Jeff Goldsmith has done with numerous screenwriters.

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